Behind A Child's Smile

Behind every child’s smile at Taiwan Xi En there is an amazing testimony of God’s redeeming and healing power.


Each baby has a story! We want to tell you these stories to give God all the praise for what He has done!


Baby A* came to us because his birth mother’s situation was not good.

While pregnant, she was leading a life that was all mixed up and she was not making good lifestyle choices. Those choices took her down a path where she realized she could not raise this child. Thankfully, she chose not to have an abortion. Instead she contacted Taiwan Xi En for assistance.

After speaking with one of the social workers at Taiwan Xi En, they quickly put her fears to rest. She knew if she chose to carry out this pregnancy, she was going to face extreme hardship in her family. Her family would not support her decision not to have an abortion. Taiwan Xi En went through the whole process start to finish and told her that they would provide a place for her to stay throughout her pregnancy if she needed it and also how they would help provide the resources she needed if she decided to parent her child.

Throughout her time with the staff at Taiwan Xi En, they were able to show her God’s love, grace and mercy. Although society might not have agreed with her decision to carry her child, they showed her that God doesn’t need a perfect past to pour out His grace. After Baby A was born, the mother still decided to place her child for adoption with Taiwan Xi En. Her family was still very unsupportive of her raising a child out of wedlock.

Baby A was transitioned to the nursery at Taiwan Xi En where he will have round the clock care by the nannies. The nannies at Taiwan Xi En take very good care of all the babies and they love to be able to show God’s love to them. Baby A will be able to thrive in a loving environment and get all of the proper medical care and one on one attention any baby needs to excel in those first few months of life.

God is going to bring beauty from ashes out of this unfortunate situation and provide a family to raise him up. Taiwan Xi En may just be a stepping stone in this little one’s life, but God’s love and grace have been with him, through Taiwan Xi En, since the beginning.


 *No pictures attached to these stories to protect the privacies of the baby and their family.


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