The Face of God

This month we want to share with you a special story written by our nurse:


Since working as the volunteer nurse at Xi En for the past 5 or 6 years, my eyes continue to be open to God's amazing love in the lives of His people. I am surrounded by people who are constantly giving of themselves without a thought of their discomfort and inconvenience. 

About 2 weeks ago, I was lecturing a group of nursing students at a local Taiwanese University. This one particular week, a small group of students had chosen to do a presentation on how to help a pregnant mom when she finds out she is pregnant with a child with Down's Syndrome.

Now, you have to understand how revolutionary this concept is in Taiwan. It is very rare for a mom to choose to deliver a child with Down's. I was blown away that this was happening in my class!

After their time of Q&A, I felt compelled to share a real life story with them.

In February 2015, a family came to adopt their second child from Xi En. As I was driving the adoptive mom & their son to the hospital for an appointment, the mom expressed to me how naive she was with their first adoption. She said she had no idea how much everyone had poured into the life of her child- especially the nannies. As she was expressing this heartfelt thanks, her sweet tears flowed down her face. I thought to myself- "This is a beautiful woman who's been touched by the love of God!"

Fast forward about 7 months. This woman, her husband, and their 2 children left their Western life- secure jobs, home, family & more because they believed God hadcalled them to abandon all & give completely of themselves to Xi En for one year. 

They live in a small basement apartment in the Xi En orphanage and give of themselves in sacrificial and selfless ways. Nothing is too big or small for them- helping take a sick baby to the emergency room, repairing baby gates, praying over a baby in the ICU, relieving a nanny when she needs a break. 

The emphasis I shared in my class was that not only had this family adopted one child, but the second child they chose to adopt has Down's Syndrome. As I shared this part with the class, several of them looked astounded. 

I told them, "You know what has made all the difference? They love Jesus Christ. And they understand the love Jesus has for them."

Since then, one of my students has asked to spend more time with me. She attended our university Bible Study this past Saturday for the first time. I think she is getting a glimpse of Him.

May your eyes also be opened to His face!

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