"You are safe now."

Have you ever seen a baby with two black eyes? That is something you would never want to see. I got the pictures from Holly at midnight after they got back from the hospital. I can only imagine what the nannies are feeling seeing a little child like this; they must be heartbroken.

The Xi En team picked up this baby from her birth mother early in the morning and as soon as they saw the child, they knew they had to go straight to the Emergency Room. It was a long day with numerous checkups and procedures. We were all very worried and spent the day in prayer. We finally got a sigh of relief when Holly updated that they were cleared to leave the hospital around 11 PM that night.

How can we comprehend this? Abuse was hiding in a seemingly peaceful family. No one would have known from the outside looking in. Thanks to the Xi En social workers who have never given up caring for this mom and letting her know that they were there for her. We have to remember to trust in God in situations like these--that while we may not know what’s going on behind closed doors, He knows and will provide safety. Safety was found in the form of Xi En today.

God is your shelter, sweet baby. Now you are safe.



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