Our sweet Thunder’s story, as with any story, begins when he was born. He was born a twin! Thunder has a brother living in Taiwan as well!

When he was born, it was discovered that he has Dandy Walker Variant and his twin brother was healthy.

Dandy Walker is a congenital disorder that affects the brain. More importantly the cerebellum (the area at the back of the brain that controls movement) and the fluid-filled space around it. He has a slight version of the syndrome and the doctors say there is a 50% chance he will grow out of it and lead a normal life.

In Thunder’s case, his cerebellum is small and the space around it is larger. He has been going to monthly doctor appointments where they have celebrated each month that his cerebellum size is getting closer to normal and the space space around is getting smaller.

Since his cerebellum is affected, doctors are slightly worried about his balance later in life. Babies who have this may present symptoms of jerky movements, slow motor skill progress or unsteadiness.

When Thunder’s parents discovered that he was born differently than his brother, they decided to place him for adoption. His parents felt that his condition was going put bad luck on the family and hinder his brothers chance at a normal life – this lets you see a little picture of what the spiritual culture is like in Taiwan. The mother felt bad about her decision but did feel this was what was best for their family.
We all know this boy has a life full of promise and he is in the palm of our Father’s hand! He has a plan for His little Thunder’s life and right now Taiwan Xi En gets to play a small part.

Please pray with us that Thunder will grow up to be a mighty man in Christ and that he will get to one day share Christ with his brother and for complete healing of his little body.

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