World Down Syndrome Day


***In honor of World Down Syndrome Day on March 21, 2017 an adoptive mom shares her heart with us about adopting her son with Down Syndrome.   At Xi En we believe every child is precious, and are thankful for the opportunity to love and care for babies who need a safe and loving place to live. ***

Guest post from an adoptive mom

A letter to my son:


When I look at you I see you.  Perfect you.  I see your smile that lights up when your sister is near and you are ready to play.  I hear your laugh that is full of silliness and joy. It is like a sweet melody and I treasure each time I hear it. I feel your soft hand tucked into mine, trusting me to be there as you seek adventure and try new things. I see your determination as you face new obstacles.  I hear your unspoken words as you try to communicate your needs and frustration. I feel the love that you share with us every day.


A few years ago, before you were born, God began to stir in my heart to be ready for an extra special gift.  God promised us He would be enough for you, and for us.  When I heard your story, I had no doubts that we wanted you to be our son.  I stopped long enough to ask if we would be enough for you, but it never crossed my mind that you would not be enough for us.  


You have a medical diagnosis (a couple I guess) but you are not defined by that.  When I introduce you, I introduce you by your name and as my son. That is who you are. But, I am proud of all that you are.  I am proud to be your mom, to walk this life with you. Someone recently asked me if your sister ever has questions about you, or is upset because you are not a “typical” sibling, but to your sister you are just you.  You are just her brother.


I like sharing our story, not because we are special, instead because we are ordinary.  I love when people learn more about down syndrome, special needs, adoption, and life because of you.  I like that we get to see people who are surprised about incorrect stereotypes.  Because of you I get to see life through different eyes and I am so grateful for that.


You have faced many obstacles and I know you will have to face many more.  I promise to hold your hand and walk with you as you work to achieve your dreams and goals.  I promise to celebrate your achievements.   I promise to love you always and forever.


You are a perfect gift, a wonderful treasure. We love you always,


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