Mission & Vision


Become family for Taiwan's most vulnerable babies while fighting for their best physical and emotional and spiritual future.


With this mission in mind, we will strive towards these goals:

  1. We are dedicated to understanding the effects of abuse and neglect on the brains of infants and creating an environment where healing and new connections can be developed.
  2. We are committed to babies left in our care, to advocate and provide the best possible physical and emotional care for them.
  3. We are devoted to offering counsel and imparting hope to birth families as they walk through the grieving process of living separate from their babies.
  4. We strive to connect the babies in our care to forever families – to find loving adoptive homes for our babies.*

*We are not doing adoptions at this current time but have applied with the Government to be approved to do international adoptions.  We will update this website when we have attained this status.