Baby Sponsorship Program


Did you know?  Our babies need YOU! We are looking for your help to support our ministry--both with prayer and financial support. Will you consider playing a special part in an orphan’s life by sponsoring them while they stay in the care of Taiwan Xi En?




  • Formula and cereal
  • Diapers & wipes
  • Clean bottles, clothing, bibs, and bedding
  • Immunizations and medicine as needed
  • Care by attentive nannies
  • A safe, bright, clean nursery environment


  • A new picture of your sponsored baby every 3 months
  • An update of on the child’s personality and health every 3 months
  • The joyful knowledge that you are changing the life of an orphan as he or she waits to find out what will be next for these babies.

It takes 10 sponsors at US$50/month to cover a month’s expenses for one baby. Will you consider being one of the ten?  You are also welcome to sponsor more than one child!  Please make a note when filling out the form below to sign up as a sponsor!

If you have any questions or problems with the form below, please contact us at



Taiwan Xi En Sponsor Program Disclaimer

Part A: Preliminary

1. Purpose of Program: The intended purpose of the sponsor program is to raise support for the babies of Taiwan Xi En.

2. Purpose of Disclaimer

a. This disclaimer is established to ensure the Sponsor Program aligns with the mission and vision of Taiwan Xi En.

b. Through this program, the donors will be updated on the babies, respective of the donor’s application, to see the impact their donation makes. As a result, this disclaimer is to ensure the protection of the babies and mothers at Taiwan Xi En.

Part B: Disclaimer

1. All content is subject to copyright and may not be reproduced in any form without written consent of the author.

2. Length of Sponsorship: Taiwan Xi En asks that you would commit to the program for a year but if circumstances no longer allow you to donate, please contact us to end your sponsorship.

3. At any point in time, Taiwan Xi En reserves the right to change the sponsorship program. At any time, we will not take a different amount than what was specified during the application process by the donor unless notified by the donor.

4. Privacy Statement for Donors: Taiwan Xi En will not share the personal information of those donating through the sponsor program. Taiwan Xi En will not put their information on spam lists or mailing lists.

5. Privacy Statement for Taiwan Xi En: All information and pictures of the babies and mothers may not be distributed to external parties under any circumstances.

a. The information included on the card is private and is only for the sponsor and his/her immediate family.

b. Donors are allowed to print the cards for personal use. (for example: donors may print and place on fridge, make a scrapbook, etc ).

c. The sponsor card and its details may not be shared with anyone besides immediate family members.

d. The details of the babies and mothers may not be posted online on any social media, mass media, email, or website.

e. Donors are permitted and encouraged to promote the program, but donors may not distribute printed cards or information on babies and mothers.


Please note: After clicking "SUBMIT" on the sponsor form, it will redirect you to our donation page. Please set up (according to your location) a recurring monthly donation of US$50 to our sponsor account. Please send us your donation confirmation to once you have received it.