The Taiwan Xi En team has appreciated the loving support and hands-on care that so many volunteers have given at the House of Hope for the past few years.  We would not be where we are today without the help of volunteers. Thank you for your dedicated care.

*Note: As of June 2012, we are a licensed orphanage in Taiwan, and that status indicates a change in policies and procedures regarding visitors and volunteers. Please note the following policies.



Visiting the House of Hope:

Visitors who are curious about what goes on at the House of Hope are welcome to come if they have an appointment. A staff member will give visitors a guided tour. Visitors will be allowed to see the babies, but they will not be allowed to hold the infants or help care for them during their visit.



Volunteering with the babies:

Many people want to serve by playing with the babies in our care. We put a high value on consistency of caregivers and of care standards. We have recently limited the number of volunteers and the time of day that these volunteers may come to the orphanage. Becoming a volunteer requires passing an application, interview, background check, and reference process. Please indicate that you are interested in filling out an application when you complete the form below.

Overseas Volunteers: We require overseas volunteers to be at least 18 years of age and stay for at least one month.



Volunteering with your talents:

Many people contact us because they want to use their talents to help the ministry. If you are interested in volunteering but don’t want to work directly with the moms or babies, let us know how you would like to serve. We are open to creative ideas! Here are some ways people have volunteered in the past: 

In Taiwan: painting artwork for the nursery, making birthday cards for the babies, moving or putting together furniture, sorting baby clothes. 

Outside of Taiwan: serving on our marketing team, fundraising, hosting events, connecting us with others, spreading the word about this ministry.



Mission/Service Trips:

Unfortunately, we are not accepting mission/service trips at this time. If you would like to come for a visit, please fill out the form below.



If you would like to visit or volunteer at the House of Hope, please fill out the form below and our volunteer coordinator will respond to you.